Stronger Together

When life gives you lemons: juice ‘em.

They’re a great source of electrolytes! 🍋💪

Our response to Covid-19

  • In-Studio Classes: Canceled
  • All Memberships: Frozen
  • FSY On Demand (bringing you free daily new workouts): Launched

Your beloved FSY staff rely on their income from the studio to make ends meet, together, we can limit the disruption to their lives and yours.

We understand these are difficult financial times for many, but whatever you can donate now helps us keep our staff secure and remain fully-prepared to bring FSY back to 100% when all this is over.

We appreciate any and all that you can give 🙏,
FSY Staff and Families

Keep FSY Strong

Donate $25

Every bit helps and goes directly to staff. We thank you.

Donate $50

Your contribution keeps FSY going and ready to recover.

Donate $75

When this is behind us, we’ll have you to thank. See you in the studio.

Donate $100

From our hearts to yours, you are lifting us up. We cannot thank you enough.

Donate $200

Words cannot express our gratitude, we are forever in your debt. 💖