Take the FSY Journey! FSY Barefoot Bootcamp uses the addition of kettle bells to take your fitness capabilities to the next level. Infusing our mat-based cardio-infused hot Pilates with kettle bells, this class is designed to build muscle and test your endurance. Our hot Barefoot Bootcamp will truly take you out of your comfort zone and we hope to leave you feeling accomplished and proud.


We recommend staying hydrated well before class and bring plenty of water to drink during and after class. We have Smart Water in stock if you forget yours!

Having a light snack before class and ensuring your body has fuel to take you through class is very important, just make sure you don’t have a full stomach in class.

Wear comfortable clothing! Prepare to be drenched in sweat after 45 heart pumping minutes in our 95 degree 40% humidity room.


If this is your first heated fitness class, be sure to listen to your body and take a seat or child’s pose as needed throughout the class. There is no room for judgement here; we want you to be safe, happy and healthy!

Classes will vary by the instructor, but can contain a combination of hand weights, resistance bands, and yoga blocks for various movement drills.

For FSY Barefoot Bootcamp, we infuse many body-weight drills with the addition of a kettle bell. Prepare for a muscle-building, cardiovascular pumping 45 minute sweat session on your mat!