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30 Days for $30
*For first-time visitors and local residents only. Certain restrictions apply: see our Terms of Use policy. Un-kicked butt not included.

Good-Bye DIY

Alone is never an option at FSY. Our multi-studio class-based approach surrounds you with a team that guides you to your goals.

And while some gyms treat instructors like quick cash-grabs, we only hire professional motivators who amplify your energy, push you harder, and keep you coming back. Say bye to the Insta models, rows of towering machines, and endless judgy glances.

Say hi to a new kind of fitness, say hi to FSY.


Start off slow, feel the music, and push your limits through this all-inclusive workout that turns and burns
Spin Up


Yoga, barre, pilates, and barefoot bootcamp that burn extra calories, strengthen your heart, and detox you faster than you can say antioxidant
Catch Heat


This ain’t no Sunday morning jog with mom: these high-intensity cardio intervals mix with serious muscle work to hit a target area or your entire body
Run For It
Go Stargazing
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  • "...you get so lost in the music and the instruction that you forget you are getting a killer workout"
  • "This is my happy place. When I feel like no one’s on my side, FSY turns my day around. Roberto, Vance, and Kat play great music and challenge me to go harder, run faster"
  • "I always feel so welcome here, which I’ve never found at a gym before. The facility is super clean. Not to mention, the workouts kick your butt"